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25 Apr

The Glitter Beauty Hack We Can't Live Without

Posted by Bikini Owner in festival beauty, flint lint roller, glitter clean-up


A post shared by makeupwakeup(@makeup_nd_wakeup) on

Every now and then we find a life hack that's so insanely brilliant we want to shout it from the rooftops. This festival season, we've discovered a beauty trick that's pure genius — seriously, it's so smart, it might just change your life. You know all that gorgeous glitter you're dusting from your shoulders to your hairline? We're all about the shimmering, luminous beauty looks that everyone goes mad for, but the errant glitter everywhere is less than lustrous. Our solution? It might surprise you. We're not leaving home without ... a lint roller. 

That's right, this quotidian workhorse is the secret to keeping your beauty glitter where it belongs (on your face) and off of everything else. We love Flint's pretty, purse-friendly version, as it looks totally adorable in our beauty case and doesn't add any extra bulk to our backpack. We discovered the trick from a mom friend who realized that a sticky roller was the perfect clean-up tool after an overzealous crafting session with her kiddos. Since we've found that no matter how carefully we apply our face glitter, a bit of extra sparkle always seems to wind up on our clothes or on parts of our face where we don't want it to be, this handy adhesive roller is our new best friend. We know it seems kinda funny, but it's one of those things you only need to try once to realize its merit. 

We love Flint's rollers so much we've added them to The Wanderlust, our destination-themed subscription box hand-curated by our buyers to feature the best in style, travel, beauty, wellness, and fitness gear. They aren't just genius for hacking your beauty clean-up, obviously, and we love how super-portable they are for travel or at the office. The Havana edition of The Wanderlust is still available in limited quantities, but only for a short time! Are you subscribed?