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30 Apr

A Fresh New Way to Wear Fragrance on The Beach

Posted by Bikini Owner

By Joane Amay

        For those ladies who love perfume and can't live without it, but are afraid that wearing it on a hot, sunny beach might be overwhelming to those around them, fragrance hair mists might be the way to go. Similar to traditional perfumes, scented hair mists are as complex but not as heavy. They're subtle in scent and are quite long-lasting (hair is porous, so it holds on to fragrance oil longer than skin or clothing). So go ahead, lightly spritz on wet or dry hair, or really anywhere you want. You'll find yourself sniffing a fistful of your hair whenever you can. And, as an added bonus, some of these aromatic sprays have conditioning, smoothing and UV protection agents – all of which protect your hair from the sun's powerful, harsh rays – so not only will your hair smell great but it will look great too. Here we round-up 8 of our favorite, freshest scents.