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03 May

Essential Oils 101

Posted by Bikini Owner in Essential, Oils


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Do you sometimes feel like you're the only gal on Instagram who doesn't have a stash of Do Terra or Young Living essential oils as part of her wellness and beauty routine? While certainly not a new health craze, the buzz around essential oils has reached a fever pitch in the last few years, with natural health enthusiasts extolling the many virtues of the botanical powerhouses: you know lavender calms you down, but did you know that oil of oregano can curb a cold, or that rosemary can help focus? An in-depth knowlege of the natural power of essential oils was what drew us to Raspberry Mint, an organic line of skincare and essential oil blends, for The Wanderlust. Zeroing in on naturals whenever possible is a huge goal of ours for all of the skincare and beauty goodies we pack into our subscription box, and when we learned about Raspberry Mint we knew the fit was perfect. 

Understanding how to utilize essential oils is a bit of a cipher, so we tapped Cherish John-Marshall, Rasperry Mint's founder, to tell us about her top 5 day-to-day oils that she can't live without. Pardon us while we zip out for some lime essential oil—instant citrus garden scent plus deep detox power? We're sold. 

Grapefruit: This essential oil is well-known for its uplifting aroma. It is quite easily one of my favourite oils as well as there is something about its aroma that I personally find tantalizing. On a daily basis, I utilize this particular essential oil by using my Uplifting Face Massage Serum which contains therapeutic grade grapefruit essential oil. After having an afternoon shower, I tend to apply a few drops and massage into my face for its moisturizing effects. When using this particular essential oil however, I never apply during the day as citric essential oils are phototoxic and it is therefore important to avoid sunlight for up to 12 hours after application.

Lime: Since I enjoy wiping my kitchen countertops on a daily basis, I do find adding a couple of drops of lime essential oil to a moist kitchen cloth (or a few pieces of moist papertowels does the trick as well) really helps create a nice, glossy look on my countertops. It especially freshens the area as well and adds a very energizing and refreshing aroma. Lime EO is also a disinfectant and antibacterial which really aids in my daily household cleaning.

Peppermint:  On sluggish days, having a small 10ml bottle of this essential oil on my office desk at home has always been a great idea. Typically taking a small whiff from the bottle via direct inhalation works to perk my attention. I also use peppermint that has been diluted in a carrier oil in a roll-on container (my Energize Babe product for example). To use, I apply on my wrists and then take a whiff every couple of minutes.

For my last 2 favorite essential oils, I'd have to say Frankincense and Myrrh. They are highly valued, ranking as high as gold. A few drops of these essential oils diluted in an organic carrier oil such as argan oil does wonders for the skin. Argan oil is non-comedogenic which means it does not clog pores. These 3 oils are part of my daily skincare routine for my face. On the nights that I do not use my Uplifting Face Massage Serum, I apply this oil combination to my face after cleansing. Organic argan oil leaves the skin young and renewed due to its high concentration of Vitamin E; myrrh essential oil, which has been used by Ancient Egyptians to prevent aging; and frankincense essential oil, which is a powerful astringent that protects skin cells, reduces acne blemishes, decreases the appearance of large pores and does so much more.