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24 Aug

Elena Delle Donne's Perfect-Hair Picks

Posted by Bikini Owner

WNBA star Elena Delle Donne has the sort of gorgeous blond hair featured in shampoo commercials — but she says it's her ultra-low-key routine that guarantees her look. "I'm crazy simple about my hair — I think that's why it's really healthy," she says. "I rarely blow dry it, and I only straighten it when I absolutely have to." 

Elena's modest routine means that she relies on her team for her main hair care supplies: "I use whatever shampoo and conditioner the team provides," she says. Another key part of her routine is a "wet brush," which was recommended by her stylist and is specially made to go easy on hair when it's most vulnerable to breakage: when it's right out of the shower. "It's just like a way more gentle brush," she says. 

Next up is a dose of Moroccan Oil, if her hair's feeling dry, adding a dime-sized amount to wet hair. "Then I'll let it air dry," she says. 

As for salon upkeep, Elena keeps it simple there, too, checking in every eight to 10 weeks for trims and highlights: "I started getting highlights in ninth grade," she says. "At first, it was hardly anything — and now I'm pretty much all blond." She goes lighter in the summer, and darker in the winter. 

For a super-special occasion, Elena relies on a stylist — but if for just a normal nice-night-out, she uses a curling wand. "I like almost a beachy wave," she says. 

Other than that, Elena says her hair is nearly always wrapped up in a bun — and clearly it derives some of its health from how gently she treats it. That — or genetics. "I was blessed with easy hair!" 

See above for all her picks and buying details!