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23 Apr

A Dermatologist's Expert Advice on Sunspots

Posted by Bikini Owner

Everyone knows they're supposed to wear suncreen, every day, all year round. And we're pretty sure that since every possible beauty product on the planet, from BB creams to full-coverage foundation, is available in SPF-infused formulas, that sun protection is already a no-brainer part of your daily beauty routine. What happens, though, if even after being super vigilant, you develop those pesky pigment marks known as sun spots? 

Don't panic. They're usually not dangerous (though if you're concerned about the appearance of a new spot or mark, always check with your dermatologist) — and with a few smart products you can definitely improve their appearance. NYC dermatologist Dr. Sajal Shah says, "The most important thing that you can do to prevent sun spots is to be religious about protecting your skin from the sun—that means sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and other sun-protective clothing, avoiding the sun when it is the strongest during day."

Dr.Shah recommends a three-pronged approach for the treatment of sunspots: protecting the skin with broad-spectrum mineral-based sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, using a Vitamin C serum to fight free radical damage caused by sun exposure, and trying a retinol, either over-the-counter strength or by prescription, depending on what your skin can tolerate. Here are Dr. Shah's product recommendations for reversing the appearance of sunspots.