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27 Jul

Is Custom-Blended Beauty Better?

Posted by Bikini Owner

Skin Inc. Daily Dose serum

The evolution of skincare is kind of amazing. Think about it: Your grandmother probably didn't wash her face at all, or maybe she used Oil of Olay as a moisturizer.

Your mom, perhaps she grew up using Noxzema, or Pond's Cold Cream, and maybe she used some moisturizer, and perhaps sunscreen.

Flash-forward to today, with a beauty industry that is absolutely booming, fueled by science, organics, and intuitive technology that offers skincare that is light years beyond anything previous generations could even dream up. Skin Inc. is on the forefront of customizeble beauty treatments, helping customers formulate bespoke serums to solve all your skin woes.

Based in Singapore, but now available nationwide thanks to a little store called Sephora, Skin Inc.'s star product is a custom-blended Daily Dose serum that is formulated based on the results of a skin identity quiz. Starting with your age and environmental questions and drilling down to specifics about your skin's reactions to the sun, how much exercise and sleep you get, and your skin's current condition, the results of the quiz suggest three potent serums which can be blended together to form a personalized power potion which will address all your needs in one product (another perk — you can also customize the bottle color). 

With ingredients like French pine bark, which offers antioxidant protection from free radicals and sun exposure, and chlorella, an algae that helps reduce pigmentation and brighten the skin, Skin Inc.'s serum arsenal is wide-ranging. All the serums are formulated with patented seaweed capsules which carry the active ingredients in the serum and ensure that they release the ingredients only upon application to the skin. The science behind that is boggling: by keeping the active ingredients protected, you can ensure that the ingredients don't meet and begin reacting with each other until they're needed (i.e. when you apply them to your skin). This means the shelf life of a Skin Inc. serum is more stable — which is nice, because, well, it's not cheap.  

The nourishing serums can all be purchased sepearately for $45, or the Daily Dose combo plus the customized bottle costs $90. Ah, the cost of beauty, right? We think that the product integrity and science behind Skin Inc.'s philosophy is worth the investment, especially considering how easy is to fine-tune the formulas to your skin's exact needs. Should things change — like, say, you get pregnant, or move to a super-dry climate, all you have to do is re-take the quiz to recalibrate your Daily Dose. Sayonara, cold cream. We're looking into the future of skin care, and we really like what we see.