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29 Sep

Cleansing Sticks: Weird But Wow?

Posted by Bikini Owner

Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

Fermentation is usually something you associate with beer and kimchi, not beauty products. But since basically every beauty product coming out of Korea is genius, we're taking it in stride and saying yes to the idea of enzymes and yeast in our creams and lotions.

One product we're dying to try? SU:M 37's Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, firstly because the word "miracle" is in its name, and that always gets us. But also because the idea of a cleanser that we can throw in our gym bag and easily tote around in our purse, without worrying about leaking or gooping, is pretty genius.

Damask rose, used for years as a potent anti-ager, is the main ingredient, along with a host of other hydrating natural ingredients, including oils of lime and lemon peel, coconut oil, and rose flower water that have fermented to produce beautifying enzymes that leave skin smooth, clear and dewy. 

Here's how it works: Splash your face with some water, twist up the tube to reveal a slice of the cleansing stick, and gently massage it onto your face, creating a gentle lather. Word on the street is that the rose scent is pure heaven, and that after a rinse your skin is left feeling perfectly fresh and clean but not tight and stretchy. While it's kind of hard to find, this well-curated beauty boutique, which specializes in Korean beauty bestsellers, has it in stock right now. Give it a go!