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13 Sep

Chatting Health And Superfoods With Catalyst Gold Creator Medea Juhasz

Posted by Bikini Owner


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Are you a "healthy" person? These days, navigating what that really means can be a minefield. If you're still eating gluten, indulging in caffeine or alcohol, or using sunscreen with chemicals, it's easy to feel like you're failing at the health game. And if your medicine cabinet and fridge aren't overflowing with supplements and superfoods, you're way out of the loop — becaue we all know they are the gateway to ultimate health. But how the heck do you figure them out? If you're lacking a personal nutritionist or health guru, navigating the wellness landscape can seem like a carousel of conflicting info, with a new hot vitamin or mineral heralded as the next best go-to every week.

When we heard about Catalyst Gold, a new kind of multi-purpose supplement from Herbalore NYC that blends supergreens, herbs, superfruits and minerals to boost energy and soothe sugar cravings, we were super intrigued. A bespoke mix that eliminated the need to swallow a million pills seemed like the perfect entry-level way to jump-start our health. A chat with Herbalore's found Medea Juhasz was in order. Her wisdom and perspective were illuminating, as you'll see below. 

BIKINI: You entered the wellness path seeking to cure yourself. How did you glean wisdom about all the herbs, minerals, and supplements out there? It's such a dense landscape, and often so confusing. 

Medea Juhasz: Growing up my parents were New Age-y; they were into spirituality, holistic natural medicine and healthy eating. I guess on some level I was always interested and familiar with holistic health and alternative medicine. Because of my previous addiction issues, I developed serious health problems. I was determined to take a holistic route to heal myself instead of going for Western medicine. I started to study herbalism and holistic nutrition and began experimenting with superfoods, herbs, vitamins, and amino acids. The exact formula that helped me profoundly transform my own health became the foundation for Catalyst Gold.

BIKINI: What's your take on sugar?

Medea Juhasz: I belive processed sugar is slightly more addictive than cocaine. High-fat and high-sugar foods stimulate the brain the exactly the same way that drugs do. You absolutely need to avoid cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, corn solids, aspartame, glucose, maltodextrin and agave. The problem is processed sugar, not sugar from fruit or low glycemic organic natural sweeteners like coconut nectar, xylitol or stevia. I believe in a balanced diet as a lifestyle. It's good to avoid fruits completely during a few-day detox or cleanse, but fruits have necessary vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and phyto-chemicals to keep us healthy on a long run. Frozen fruits, berries, apple, kiwi, or grapes are great substitutes to help to satisfy your sweet tooth when those sugar cravings kick in.

BIKINI: Why haven't supplements as multi-dimensional as Catalyst Gold been brought to the market before? 

Medea Juhasz: I think products that are formulated through their founders' health struggles are always more authentic and successful than the ones mixed in a lab by a bunch of businessmen and scientists trying to make a buck. There is something magical about healing yourself and bottling your formula to help others heal. Herbalore and Catalyst Gold saved my life, and I think that subconsciously comes through. I’m so excited and humbled to hear customer feedback about the instant energy boost, being able to cut back on sugar and processed foods and all the "beautifying" effects. 



A photo posted by Herbalore (@herbalorenyc) on


BIKINI: If someone wants to devise their own supplement or superfood regime, how do you suggest that they start? And what is your personal routine—can you share some of your favorite resources for starting out on that journey? 

Medea Juhasz: I would definitely stay away from your generic drugstore supplements. I would suggest going with a pure formula with added herbs or superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, dandelion or grape seed extract in a well calculated ratio. When you mix vitamins with superfoods the right way, it can create a miraculous chemical reaction in your body. 

I believe everyone needs a good pro-biotic; I like Seeking Health's pro-biotic formulas with the added Bifido strains. I find medicinal mushrooms a great addition to a daily wellness routine. Sunpotion has great medicinal mushrooms available in a powder form. Manuka Honey is nature's miracle medicine, I take Comvita or Mossops UMF 15 grade manuka honey every day to keep my immune system rock solid and use it as a face mask twice a week. I'm addicted to Original Quinton natural marine plasma solution; I take them every other day.

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BIKINI: It can be hard to tell if supplements are really "working." What should you look for when you start a new supplement program? Do you have a method for checking in with yourself? 

Medea Juhasz: Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, you still might need any enhancement in certain areas. I believe everyone can benefit from a little health enhancement to help with the ocassional imbalances. In general, you should feel a difference within a couple days of starting a new supplement routine. A good supplement is supposed to enhance your health and act like an adaptogen, figuring out exactly what your body needs.

BIKINI: For the truly uninitiated: in your opinion, what is the easiest way to take that first step into becoming a healthier person? 

Medea Juhasz: Having the willingness to make a positive, permanent lifestyle change is a always good start. The key word is "permanent" There are no miracle pills out there. However, I believe if you bring in the right superfoods, herbs and amino acids in the correct ratio, the bad stuff will most likely stay out. I created Catalyst Gold to help adopting healthier eating and lifestyle habits and to stir up a catalyst effect within the body, assisting in achieving lasting, permanent lifestyle changes.