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09 Nov

Can Splash Masks Replace the Real Thing?

Posted by Bikini Owner


Is a mask a mask if it's not — well, a mask? That you leave on your face? The latest Korean beauty craze has us wondering if we can really believe that patting masks, or splash masks, are really all they're cracked up to be.

These super-potent liquids, which are mixed with water and splashed on your face for about 15-30 seconds, are purportedly effective enough to replace a 30-minute treatment mask — which is kinda confusing, since the last Korean beauty trend was rubber masks, and those are left on for a while to harden. While perplexed, we're not going to bite the hand that fed us BB and CC creams, sheet masks, and more. 

Glow Recipe, a smartly curated online source for natural Korean beauty products, is the go-to e-shop for Blithe patting masks ($49), the hottest product in this relatively small category.  Their video shows how simple the application is, though we've read online that users are favoring skipping the sinkful of water and simply using the patting masks in the shower, rinsing after a few quick pats.

So how does this wonder product actually work? The liquid, which you mix with water to dilute, is a concentrated blend of lactic acid and botanical extracts, which are supposed to instantly smooth and restore the skin to a baby-soft smoothness, adding moisture, re-texturizing the skin, and lightening pigmentation to deal with marks and scars, too.

While this formulation is new, the concept of splashing/patting is centuries old. In Asian countries women have used water infused with rice, sake extracts or flower essences to treat their skin for hundreds of years, harnessing the potent natural properties of fermented and distilled extracts to soothe and improve their skin. 

Can a splash and a pat really replace the full-on mask experience? We're not exactly convinced—the effects of a mud or gel mask, when left on to dry, are hard to argue with. However, the alternative of a quick-acting treatment that offers concrete results is pretty alluring. We're not ditching our tubes of mud just yet, but we're definitely making room on our shelves for a pat mask as an addition to our beauty arsenal.