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20 Jan

Byrd Haircare Is All About 60's Salty Surf Chic

Posted by Bikini Owner in Byrd, Byrd Haircare, Hair, Haircare


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We all know that beach hair can take some work. Those effortless, salty waves that seem to just ripple into existence after a quick dip? Turns our they're not always so effortless. Which is why we turn to Byrd Hairdo Products' Texturizing Surf Spray, a tropical concoction of sea salt and coconut water scented with a brilliant mix of coconut, pineapple and vanilla. It lends a voluminizing lift to dry tresses and helps damp hair dry into those beautiful, rope-y waves we're after. #saltyhairdontcare? Yep, you got it. One of our favorite beauty additions to The Wanderlust, we keep it at the ready to care for our hair at the beach—in addition to the ultimate salty mermaid mix, the spritz is also loaded with quinoa proteins and nourishing sea buckthorn extract which help protect hair from UV exposure and damage from salt and sun. 



A photo posted by BYRD Hairdo Products (@byrdhair) on


Byrd's Instagram is an amazing trove of bikini throwbacks, like this gorgeous shot of Brigitte Bardot. 

Byrd's products channel an admiration for '60s surf culture and mix it with a modern mix of fashion-forward hairstyling, best illustrated in this fun video they created showcasing a pretty poolside gal in some super-chic swimwear. The full range includes old-school pomades that help the gents nail their modern-day Beach Blanket Bingo slick look— the backstory on the whole brand actually goes back to founder Chase Wilson's grandfather's barber shop in in a grand hotel in Fargo, North Dakota of all places. Today, Wilson seeks inspiration from his native California surf buds, rolling along the beach in a modern-day Meyers Manx dune buggy—in Byrd's signature lemon yellow, of course. No matter if your style veers toward a surfin' safari retro look or you're more of a modern-day mermaid, the Byrd is the word.