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22 May

Buy Now: Mineral Sunscreen

Posted by Bikini Owner in mineral sunscreen

Truth: I hate sunscreen. Hate it. It's goopy, it's another step in the morning — and gotta say, I like a tan, like many people. I wear it, though, because as lazy as I might be in the morning, and as much as I love things that are bad for me (doughnuts, nachos, staring at the sun during an eclipse), I don't actually want to eat bad food or hurt my eyes. Or, in this case, screw up my skin before its time. I'd rather take the 30 seconds to apply it than damage my skin and risk my health. 

I'll tell you, though — I put it off for ages, because it made my skin break out. That was before I switched to a mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens get a bad rap, because they sit on top of your skin, rather than soak in, which means they can leave hard-to-get-rid-of white residue on your face. Of course, that's actually more of a pro than a con — do you really want chemicals soaking into your skin? Some people care, a lot. Lots of people don't. I care just enough to make the switch to a mineral sunscreen. The bonus for me — besides avoiding some of the nastier-sounding ingredients — was that I stopped breaking out! That was enough motivation to change it up. 

Above, my choice of mineral sunscreens — plus three more options that might work for you. 

(And if you want a bit of a glow, just try these luminizers! They'll get the job done without sacrificing your skin.)