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19 Oct

Browsing The Beauty Bounty At Aloha Apothecary

Posted by Bikini Owner

When we heard there was an online beauty boutique that exclusively featured Hawaiian-crafted products, we literally cheered and laughed like little kids in a candy store. Because, well, the allure of Hawaiian beach culture has always loomed large for us, and the idea of beauty potions and elixirs powered by the tropical fantasy of Hawaiian botanicals seemed simply too good to be true. 

Aloha Apothecary is the brainchild of Jasmine Lombardi, writer and founder of The Hawaii Edit. After realizing that the trove of locally-made Hawaiian products available to her were far more thoughtfully (and safely) formulated than the stash in her medicine cabinet, Lombardi hit the reset button and went green and clean with her beauty routine. This introduced her to a wealth of local, lovely products that she knew had value beyond the shores of Honolulu where she was based.  So she curated a gorgeous mix of natural, beautiful beauty products that supported local businesses and bloomed with the allure of tropical beauty, and Aloha Apothecary was born.

"Whether you live in Hawaii or just dream of doing so, the beauty booty at Aloha Apothecary can certainly give you that coveted taste of tropics," she says. We chatted with Lombardi about her approach and asked her to dish on some of her favorite local brands—hope you have your credit card at the ready. 

BIKINI: What makes Hawaiian-crafted products unique?

JASMINE LOMBARDI: The ingredients used in these products make them unlike any on the market: lavender from upcountry Maui, coffee beans and Noni from the Big Island, pure Hawaiian Sandalwood hydrosol, and Kauai bee propolis, to name just a few. Plus, the people behind these brands truly believe in their craft and work with other local businesses to make everyone’s dream a reality, all while delivering amazing skincare and health products to the community.

BIKINI: How is the Hawaiian approach to beauty is different from the mainland?

JASMINE LOMBARDI: Living on an island more than 2,000 miles away from any other population center forces you to be aware and take care of your surroundings! Residents of Hawaii are very in tune with the importance of sustainability, shopping small and supporting local businesses.

BIKINI:  What do you look for when you select brands/items for the shop?

JASMINE LOMBARDI: My main focus is to highlight the natural skincare and wellness products from brands inspired by and based in Hawaii. I try to carry a range of products that tropical-minded people would love—items that allow everyone to get a little taste of the aloha spirit. I also take great pride in supporting companies that are using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. My hope is that Aloha Apothecary will provide a platform for lesser-known island-grown brands

aloha apothecary

Honua Hawaiian Skincare Hawaiian Beauty Water

BIKINI: Can you tell us a bit about some of your favorites?

Honua Hawaiian Skincare is an example of a Hawaiian brand that is putting Hawaii on the beauty map! Its founder is a dedicated esthetician born and raised on Oahu, who began trying to remedy her own skin that was damaged from years of sun and surf. She ended up creating amazing skincare products based on traditional Hawaiian healing botanicals and practices, void of any dangerous and toxic chemicals. The Hawaiian Beauty Water is a great choice to keep that coveted summer glow.

aloha apothecary

AIM HI Every Day scrub

Aim HI Every Day is a brand based out of the North Shore of Oahu with a commitment to organic, wild harvested, non-gmo ingredients. All of Aim HI Every Day's products are handmade in small batches and the luxurious scents and textures leave your skin looking, feeling and smelling amazing. Never tested on animals, the luxurious scrubs and sprays are free of any synthetic ingredients, additives, chemicals or parabens. My favorite place to use the scrubs is right at the beach!

aloha apothecary

Kula to Ku'au solid perfumes

Nina, the sweet soul behind the Maui-based brand Kula to Ku‘au, sources a rich variety of healing botanicals such as lavender, pikake, chamomile and kukui. Nina is a doting mom, and she creates a variety of magical mama and baby products, too. The exclusive Botanical Solid Perfume (which is housed in a keepsake shell locket), is the perfect accessory for beach babes. Keeping in the spirit of aloha, Kula to Ku‘au products are packaged with post recycled cardboard and seed-embedded labels, which allow you to plant your package, give back to Mother Earth and watch your wildflowers grow.

aloha apothecary

Naikela Botanicals Superfood tea

Naikela Botanicals is a family owned and operated company that produces unique, superfood teas made with ingredients grown and dried on the North Shore of Kauai. The entire family is a part of the process! The handcrafted superfood tea powders come in a variety of flavors that contain a myriad of health benefits. They can be used to make hot or cold teas, sprinkled on toast, yogurt, acai bowls, added to smoothies or baked right into your food.

Lastly, every sun worshipper should know about 'au'au Hawaii! Inspired by Hawaii's sunshine, salty air, clear-blue waters, gentle ocean breezes and sweetly scented flowers, au'au’s products are made with locally grown Hawaiian macadamia nut oil and scented with 100-percent pure essential oils. Plus, all of the ingredients are biodegradable and sustainable. The liquid soaps can be used as a body or hand wash, bubble bath, and are gentle enough to wash your delicate swimsuits. The SPF sticks are a travel-friendly must-have.