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31 Mar

Bikini Bootcamp Day 3: Skincare Tips for Winter Break

Posted by Bikini Owner


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This week, we've already tackled the tricky conundrums of quickly shedding a few pounds and firming up that winter flab. Next up in our Bikini Boot Camp series are some tips for getting your winter skin ready for some rays.

Hiding under wool sweaters and drying out in indoor heat can do a number on your body's largest organ. Start drinking tons of water now, and follow these tips from celebrity dermatologist Dr. Tabasum Mir for prepping your skin for a quick warm-weather getaway. "Winter skin is generally hidden under layers clothes and exposed to hot showers, becoming dehydrated, ashy and itchy and sensitive as the season progresses," Mir says. She also cautions against using most antibiotics and perfumes while you are spending lots of time in the sun, as they can increase the skin's sensitvity, along with these ingredients common in skin creams: alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs), salicyclic acid, glycolic acids, Retin-A, retinols  and hydrocortisone. Her top five tips for showing your skin some love are below—get ready to get glowing.

Dr. Tabasum Mir's 5 Tips

1.Try this in-shower treatment: Gently exfoliate with loofah gloves and a hydrating body soap; Dove, Olay, Aveeno and Nivea make creamy, gentle scrubs that slough off the top layer of dull skin, revealing smoother layers below while leaving a layer of moisture behind. 

2. As you get closer to departure, start laying off the super hot showers — they dehydrate the skin immensely.

3. Incorporate in-shower creams to lock in moisture. I like Nivea, Eucerin, and Olay's versions of this new type of moisturizer. 

4. Start shaving regularly!  Let's be real — most of us aren't shaving as much in the winter. If you shave right before going into the sun, the skin on your legs will be sun-sensitive. Try to start shaving a couple weeks before you plan on showing those legs off. It will exfoliate the skin of the legs, and allow you to moisturize and prepare the skin before it's exposed to the sun. 

5. Find your sunblock now. With so many new formulas on the market, you have lots of choices. Start researching what you like for your face and your body so that you aren't confused or left with a formula that's too thick or sticky when it's time to shine.