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22 Sep

The Best Mud Spas Around The World


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In the spirit of self care, we'd like to remind you to mark your calendars for September 30th. It's National Mud Pack Day, which means you're absolutely obligated to pamper yourself with a detoxifying, glow-inducing mud mask (our at-home fave is this one from Jersey Shore Cosmetics). An ancient beauty ritual, the use of mud for beautifying purposes spans the ages and the globe. While it's fun to DIY an at-home spa treatment, it's even more indulgent to seek out a natural mud experience. There are mud-centric locales all over the world (hot tip: they're usually on or near a beach, so clearly we're all about a mud road trip) which draw people in droves to slather themselves in the curative stuff. From Israel's Dead Sea to Queensland's artesian mud baths, we've scoured the spa scene for the best spots to get muddy — and pretty. 

 Artesian Mud Baths

In West Queensland, Australia, Artesian Mud Baths welcomes visitors with custom-built soaking tubs that allow you to totally immerse yourself in the chalky, milky mud drawn from deep beneath the earth, which refines the skin with zinc, silicia, magnesium and calcium.


Cava Scura

Ischia's Cavascura Roman Baths offer beachside spa services like full-body mud packs and hydromassage with thermal waters purported to have mythical health properties. 


Dead Sea


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Mineral-rich mud from Israel's salty Dead Sea is said to remove toxins and even heal minor wounds. (Fun fact — the Dead Sea is actually a large saline lake).


Milky Way Lagoon

Locals from Pulau's tiny chain of islands claim that if you coat yourself in their limestone-rich mud and then jump into the surrounding waters to wash it away, you'll emerge ten years younger. The fountain of youth, found? 


Vulcano Terme 


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The Isle of Vulcano, one of Sicily's Aeolian Islands, hosts the Terme Vulcano, a medi-spa touted for its sulphuric thermal waters and mud. Yes, the stuff has a scent reminiscent of rotten eggs, but it has the power to soothe and smooth skin, and possibly cure all manner of ailments, from respiratory to fertility issues. 


Calistoga Hot Springs


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Europe and Asia aren't the only spots on the globe where mud wins the beauty contest. At Calistoga's hot springs in California, volcanic ash loaded with skin-refining minerals is blended with local spring water to create a mega mud bath.