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20 May

Beauty Review: Phytophanère

Posted by Bikini Owner in Beauty Review, Phytophanère


A photo posted by Gisele Bündchen (@giseleofficial) on



The product: Phyto Phytophanère Hair and Nails Dietary Supplement

Our story: Gisele hair: It's all I've ever wanted — or at least since I knew who Gisele Bundchen was. I don't mind being short. I don't mind anything else. But I would love Gisele hair: full, thick, and perfectly colored. 

Forget the colored part for the moment — thick and full is the challenging part. It's easy to buy (well, relatively easy) caramel highlights at the salon, but changing the texture of your hair is hard and takes work — especially if, like me, you're one of millions of women with thyroid issues. Both the conditions themselves and the medication that treat them can affect hair growth and volume. So, I asked myself: Could a pill do for my hair what my body could not? 

To be honest, I didn't start with Phyto, a French haircare line that's one of my favorites. I started, instead, with the cheapest biotin I could find. (Biotin is a vitamin related to hair growth.) I didn't see a single change — I didn't even experience any of the potential side effects, like acne. That changed when I started taking the Phytophanère — a daily dose is two small pills. First, my face did break out — but based on my research, I was prepared for it. (I have to believe this was connected to the Phytophanère, since my complexion is generally totally clear.) 

The problem with hair treatments is that for most of them, you have to wait months to evaluate how well they're working — any less, and not enough time will have passed to see any real changes. Eight weeks later, I didn't see any difference in the volume of my hair; it still felt thinner than it had before I'd started taking thyroid medication. At the same time, though — what I did have was growing way faster than usual, so much so that I had to move up a haircut by a month. 

On one hand, I was disappointed that I didn't see more of a change in my hair's fullness; Gisele hair is still a long way off. On the other, I did see an indisputable improvement in the speed of my hair regrowth, and I can't credit that to anything but the Phyto. 

Bottom line: Solid but not spectacular results

Final grade: B+