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20 Aug

Beauty Buzz: Sheet Masks

Posted by Bikini Owner

Like BB creams before them, the latest beauty craze to hit the U.S. from Korea are sheet masks: custom-cut from paper or cotton and doused with ingredients that do the work of a facial in the privacy of your bathroom.

Will you look kind of creepy wearing them? Well, yes— selfies snapped while wearing the ghostly masks might not be the smartest use of your time. But the masks themselves? Totally worth the awkward ten to 20 minutes you spend sitting around waiting for the moisturizing, skin-brightening, or clarifying potions to seep in and do their magic.

For years the frontrunner was SK-II's Facial Treatment Mask, which was a makeup artist secret weapon backstage at runways around the world. The latest crop are noteable not only because they cost a lot less than SK-II's version (send Cate Blanchett the bill for $95) but because they pack quite a punch, come in adorable packaging, and are absolutely the fastest way to brighten up before a big event or date night. Check out our favorites above.