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31 Jul

Beat The Heat With Skin-Saving Masks

Posted by Bikini Owner in clarifying mask, face mask, Sonage, soothing mask, summer skin


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We 100 percent live for the summer — it's by far our favorite season. The sun, the sand, the long days — they're all reasons to rejoice. Our skin, however, doesn't always feel the same. There are so many things about the season that can tweak it out: sunscreen, overexposure to sun, overactive oil production thanks to mega-humid conditions ... the list goes on. You also might find that over-indulging in margaritas and neglecting to drink your recommended allotment of H2O might also leave your skin looking like crap (or maybe that's just us). Regardless of the cause, hope's not totally lost. This summer, we've discovered that taking the time to mask (yes, it's a verb now) really does make a huge difference in the way our skin looks and feels. There's a formula for every skincare woe, from insanely dry to oil slick-shiny — below, we share our go-to jars and tubes for every summer skin scenario. 


Whoops, forgot to reapply? It happens. The burning, tightness, and heat that come from too many hours in the glaring sun can be so uncomfortable. What the skin needs to recover is an insane amount of moisture and a cooling formula that takes the heat down a notch. Earth Tu Face's Honey + Coconut mask, $49 has hyper-moisturizing honey and cooling, hydrating coconut and redness-reducing rose petals to soothe inflammation and help you chill.



When it's insanely dry and flaky after a weekend in the surf, a soothing, clarifying mask is key. We're using Sonage's Soothing Tulsi tri-clay mask, $48 on the regular to draw out sunscreen gunk and soothe redness. The way it refines the texture of our skin is really remarkable — it feels smoother and insanely soft.



Heat and humidity amp up your skin's oil production, which can leave you looking greasy before breakfast. Clay-based masks absorb oils and shrink pores, leaving your skin mattified and dewy, not shiny. The cooling combination of Dead Sea white clay and sea kelp, which helps retexturize skin, make Kani Botanicals' Sea Greens facial treament mask, $29 ideal for keeping oil at bay.



Hyperpigmentation is a nasty side effect of too much sun exposure (wrinkles and fine lines, same). Fading the brown spots and redness that linger at summer's end is tricky but not impossible. A brightening mask, which targets inflammation (the main villain in the aging process), and blocks the production of pigment at a cellular level is your secret weapon. Uma's Ultimate Brightening face mask, $70 uses warming spices to bring circulation to the surface of the skin and a deep dose of Vitamin C to regenerate cell turnover.