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30 Aug

Beach Bag Essentials for Tangled Hair

Posted by Bikini Owner

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Clockwise from top left:

1. Want to wear some bling at the beach, but afraid your knotted hair will get in the way? These flash tattoos are the perfect compromise — make a statement while staying tangle-free. Flash tattoos, $20

2. Pack your detangling essentials in this functional, yet stylish straw tote — perfect for a day at the beach. Straw tote, $45

3. Key essential: this detangling brush — best used on wet hair — will keep your tangled beach waves in check. Detangling brush, $17

4. Spritz some keratin spray on those tangled locks and brush them with ease. Keratin spray, $13

5. Start your detangling in the shower — try a hydrating, moisturizing shampoo that will keep your hair feeling smooth and tangle-free all day long. Detangling shampoo, $11

6. Forget frustrating nose pads on your shades — with these stylish sunnies, you'll never get your glasses stuck in your tangled locks again. Quay Mia Sunglasses, $40

7. Keep your now-smooth locks out of your face — and prevent further knots — with these chic hand-dyed, handmade hair ties. Hair tie, $3

8. Long gone are the days of hair knotted around bikini straps — this athleisure-inspired suit will leave you tangle-free for your sun-filled day. Mikoh Osaka one piece, $208