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12 Apr

Are You Ignoring Your Teeth?

Posted by Bikini Owner in LED teeth whitening, Smile Science, teeth whitening

Let's talk lips for a second: how many lipsticks, glosses and balms do you have in your purse right now? If you need two hands to count 'em, you're not alone — our obsession with lippie products is all-consuming. While we spend tons of time considering new shades and textures, and a decent amount of selfie time making sure our lips look perfect, we have to admit that there's a major part of our smile that often gets the short shrift: our teeth. And if we're really being honest, we have to say that we were starting to feel self-conscious about how our turmeric latte addiction (not to mention red wine, triple-shot-cortados and all that iced tea we sip) were affecting our dental situation. 

Let's face it: teeth whitening isn't the sexiest topic. The effects, however, are amazing. You can look way healthier (and younger!) if your smile is pearlier. Enter Smile Sciences, a genius, at-home kit that can get your teeth gleaming up to ten shades whiter in about 20 minutes. What really intrigued us about this approach was the LED activator light, which is akin to the fancy method you see in a dentist's office. It lights up bright blue and activates the gel for fast-track whitening. Also? It looks really freaking cool. And the results are really visible — in just one treatment with the customizable trays and gel, you can see significant brightness restored to your smile. Which makes that new red lip stain you're wearing look even more amazing. 

Smile Sciences is a partner brand in The Wanderlust, our curated subscription service that ships the best in beauty, travel, wellness and fitness gear directly to your door. We added them because we were wowed by the results, and we know you will be, too! The Wanderlust: Havana is available now — are you subscribed?