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25 Jan

Are You Blushing? You Should Be


A post shared by Kosås Cosmetics (@kosascosmetics) on

When we're faced with a 'need to be out of the house in five minutes' situation, there's a makeup formula that we tend to follow: a sweep of lip gloss, swipe of concealer, and boom — out the door. Recently we've realized that while we look polished after this quickie beauty session, we don't always look as lively as we'd like. Enter blush. If you skip the gloss and instead dust on a rosy flush, you instantly look healthier and more awake. Kosas cosmetics founder Sheena Yaitanes knows this secret is foolproof — it's why she just added blush to the brand's all-natural lineup. 

Cheek-heavy looks glided down the Spring '18 runways, and we think in general it's having a beauty moment right now. "Blush is a workhorse," Yaitanes says. "It sculpts the midface, makes you look healthy, and balances all the other makeup on your face. Plus, you can sweep a little on your eyelids to quickly pull together a look when you’re on the go." The two blush formulas in the Kosas collection, one a jojoba and moringa oil-infused silky powder, the other a hydrating cream with rosehip, marula and green tea, feel incredibly natural on the skin. Paired with complementary highlighters, they make for a foolproof flush. 

If you're new to amplifying your cheeks, it can be intimidating — especially cream formulas, which can feel finger paint-y. Rather than stick to a run-of-the-mill rose hue, Yaitanes says you should make your pick based on your skin tone. If you’re warm-toned, choose a peachy blush, if you’re cool-toned, choose a pinkish blush. If you have a lot of red in your skin, use a bronze color as blush to neutralize the red. As for application? She says it's simple. "Smile! Find the round part of your cheek, start there, and sweep out‚ not toward your nose. For cream blush, start the color on that little puff of the apple of your cheek, and pat pat pat to blend up and out. Always start with a tiny bit of color, and build it up if needed." Cheers to your cheeks!