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09 Sep

The Amazon's Best-Kept Beauty Secret

Posted by Bikini Owner


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We're constantly on the lookout for natural beauty products that actually work—there's nothing worse than shelling out big bucks for a bottle of an organic wonder potion that doesn't measure up.

We've had some hits and misses, and are happy to repoart a major hit: Rahua Amazon Beauty, a range of products powered by a super nutritive oil sourced deep in the Amazon rain forest.

Ungurahua is the star ingredient in the products, which range from moisturizing shampoo to a concentrated moisturizing oil. The oil's benefits have long been heralded by indigenous Amazon tribes for its curative properties: being naturally anti-inflammatory and antifungal, when used in beauty products it becomes the ultimate restorative balm.

Rahua's gorgeously packaged products (we just can't bear to stash them away, they're that pretty) have left our hair smoother and stronger and our skin ridiculously glowy and smooth. Scented with Palo Santo, or "holy wood" oil, the lightly perfumed, low-lather shampoo and conditioner are the ultimate frizz-fighting combo, while the intensely emolllient Amazon Oil, loaded with omega-3 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, is the most miraculous skin soother we've ever used (buy some for your pregnant best friend's itchy belly—trust us).

Also genius? The dry shampoo, which packs the uber-benefits of the natural ingredients in its volumizing formula. Most dry sprays leave your hair feeling starchy and stiff, but this version is a wonder, leaving hair feeling natural and soft while zapping oil. Founder Fabian Lliguian, who hails from Ecuador, discovered the beauty of Ungurahua oil from the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribes. Their glossy, long locks were proof positive of the oil's wondrous powers, and Lliguian developed the Rahua line with hopes of bringing the benefits of the Amazon to his clients in New York City and around the world. Sourced and processed using the Quechua-Shuar's tradiitonal methods, Rahua products are an artisanal link to the rainforest and its beautifying magic.