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16 Jan

5 Hair Care Secrets For Beach Loving Blondes

Posted by Bikini Owner

blonde woman on the beach

Bathing in the sunshine, lounging in the swimming pool, dipping in the ocean (all the way under!)—these are the makings of a Bikini girl's paradise. But for those of us with light-colored strands? Total catastrophe, from root to end.

Blonde hair, whether it's au naturel or shall we say "enhanced," is the darling of hair colors, the creme de la creme. But maintaining its sheen and silky texture as a beach-addicted Bikini girl is tough. Drenching your blonde in UV rays, salt water, and chlorine means dryness and discoloration. And no one likes pale, deflated hair. No Bikini girl, at least.

Luckily we've got the hair color hookup in the form of colorist of the gods, Melissa Hoyle of Artlab Salon in Santa Monica, California. We spoke with the effervescent color wunderkind to give you the lowdown on how exactly we blondes can maintain our magazine-worthy manes from the elements. Spoiler Alert: You'll need a cute sun hat.