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25 Mar

4 Hacks for Poolside Beauty

Posted by Bikini Owner in beauty, bikini, burn, green, hack, hair, pool, remedy, skin, technique, tips, whisperer

Bikini's advice column is back, featuring the hard-earned wisdom of our very own swimsuit master, the Bikini Whisperer. Today, we hear from a woman with poolside beauty problems — and the Bikini Whisperer has some ideas for how to handle. Looking for some advice of your own? Drop us a line!


Hi Bikini Whisperer, 

I went to the pool for some much-needed R&R for the first time in months; it was super fun up until my friends pointed out my green-blonde hair and reddish skin — I even wore SPF 30!  Now, I'm battling with ugly hair and a nasty tan line sunburn. Any advice on how to prevent this from happening again? And what I can do right now to solve this issue?  



Hey, girl!

Sounds like we have a hefty problem on our hands, but there's nothing a good set of beauty products can't fix. What's happened to you tends to occur to many at the crack of spring — sun starts to shine, and your eager self forgets all the sun care knowledge you gained last summer. First things first, I can't stress sun protection enough. Don't be that "I never thought it would happen to me" type of person — prevention is key.  A first-time sun outing calls for the highest SPF there is, SPF30 is great but if you have fair skin, it's best to go higher. Try an SPF 50+ packed with organic botanicals that have regenerative properties and reapply often, especially after every dip in the water. If you don't like to reapply or often forget, it's best to find a sunscreen with zinc that is water resistant. Don't neglect the lips (I'm guilty as well), but a great balm with SPF will save you from crackling hurting lips. 


poolside beauty

Cabana Cream Leave-In Sunscreen & Conditioner cream, $18

And just like most forget lip suncare, a ton of bikini babes forget to give some love to their tresses and scalp. Sun protection on your head is equally important — sun damage, chlorine and saltwater wreak havoc on hair. Salt compounds found in the ocean suck water out of your hair, leaving it brittle, parched and rough. Pre-hydrating and coating with a thick conditioning cream reduces the damage. 

Never dip into the pool or ocean with dry hair! Wet hair till damp then apply this spray formula so that chlorine or salt water doesn't penetrate into the pores of your hair. Watch out curly, thick-haired blondie — your hair will absorb the chemicals the most! 

If possible, rinse hair quickly after dipping in water and reapply formula, making sure to cover your scalp — it helps with sunburns, too. Try not to let your chemically or saltwater-drenched hair dry with the the sun — this is when the worst damage occurs. If you're playing in the water for longer than 20 minutes, it's best to wrap your hair in a bun to avoid sun exposure. 

I get it, you're excited to splash around and get that sun-kissed glow, but do not lay directly under the sun for a prolonged time, especially during peak hours. Find shade, especially if your skin hasn't seen the sun for some time. Don't be silly — take the precautionary steps and plan ahead. Bring a large floppy hat and even beach umbrellas — these are super cute

Now, if it's too late and the damage is done — dry, dehydrated, burned skin and brittle, greenish hair — an intensive post-ritual of soothing lotions and hair creams will speed the back-to-normal process, but be patient. 

poolside beauty

Redken Pre Art Clarifying hair treatment, $49.99

Green hair is a hard fix. Many YouTube videos claim ketchup and even baking soda scrubs reverse the mossy color, but reach for a professional remedy. This Redken clarifying treatment removes copper, iron and other minerals that turned your hair green. Make sure to treat hair to an ultra-hydrating mask and voila — you should be back to normal. 


poolside beauty

Sun Bum After Sun Cool Down spray, $12

For burning red skin, a cool down spray is recommended immediately after sun exposure. Nothing is worse than scorching hot skin that leads to a headache and even fever. Apply Sun Bum's Cool Down formula enriched with healing aloe vera, refreshing cucumber and hydrating vitamin E. It restores moisture while cooling down your skin's temperature. For a super-cooling effect, store in the refrigerator until just before application.



poolside beauty

Ola After Sun Healing lotion, $19

Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize sun-exposed skin! Aloe vera, a potent skin healing plant, is an amazing DIY, but for less sticky at home remedies, try a natural and organic aloe vera cream. Leave it to Hawaiian brand Ola to know how to artisan craft it best.