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There's very little from the K-beauty trend that we don't believe — seriously, they're right about basically everything, especially their obsession with night masks. This winter, one beauty trick we're trying and loving is sleeping in our skincare. Now, we know that might not sound revolutionary, but we don't just mean we're applying night cream and calling it a day. Strategic serum, cream, and mask application overnight can yield majorly glowy results in the morning hours, especially if the products you're using are meant to amplify hydration and up the moisture quotient of your skin. 

Since the skin repairs itself overnight while you're asleep, feeding it with nutrient-dense formulas that aim to smooth and strengthen the skin is especially productive. Your skin gets more time to benefit from the products than during the day, when you either wash them off, mix them with your makeup, or expose them to the sun. Nighttime-specific treatments are wonderful, but you can get great results from non-p.m. specific products, too. A deeply nourishing mask or hyper-dense hydrating cream left on overnight will double down on moisturizing duty, leaving skin extra soft and cushy when you wake up — especially lovely in the dry, cold winter months. Layering a nutritive serum underneath a plush layer of moisture is the ideal sleep-in solution: pushing the serum ingredients into the skin by cloaking it with a heavier top layer ensures maximum exposure (and a beautiful morning glow). Talk about getting some beauty sleep!