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One would expect that a Chinese medicine practitioner would have exemplary wellness habits — Apothecai founder Rose Goodman does not disappoint. As the formulator of some of the cleanest, most revitalizing supplements on the market, Goodman uses her background in Eastern medicine to blend vitamins, herbs, and minerals to their maximum potential. Unsurprisingly, a daily supplement is her secret to staying vital and vibrant. 

"My go-to radiant skin, healthy hair, and nails supplement is Blooming Health by Apothecai. It's a complete women's daily multi-vitamin – plus a classic Chinese herbal formula and antioxidants in one capsule, that nourishes the blood and harmonizes a woman's monthly cycle. Well-nourished blood is foundational to vitality and reproductive health for women and the key to radiant skin, healthy hair, and nails. I take it daily and my vitality, skin, hair, and nails only get stronger over time. I experience less-to-no PMS, less anxiety, feel more emotionally stable, and have more balanced daily energy."