Summer is a mere few weeks away! Which means sun-kissed, glowy skin is right around the corner — there's nothing we love more than a gorgeous tan. However, once the mercury skyrockets we often find that our skin doesn't always comply with our tawny expectations. When we added Kimberly Parry's luxe, organic skincare line to The Wanderlust, we knew that her natural elixirs made total sense for summer skin (the ultra-moisturizing Hydrating Gel Mask is a heatwave must).

Parry has created a full range of skincare products using only the highest-quality organic ingredients, selected to troubleshoot specific skincare woes and optimize the naturally wondrous abilities of essential oils and plant extracts. Who better to chat about caring for our skin when its blazing hot? We quizzed Parry about her own sun and skincare routine, and got the full downlow on her do's and dont's for acheiving naturally glowing skin. 

BIKINI: Before we dive into skincare, can you tell us how you protect your skin from the sun? 

Kimberly Parry: I take a more natural approach. Sun protection is important — I grew up lounging on the beach for hours at a time, slathering myself with baby oil. That was a time before we knew better! I stay out of the sun between 12 and 2pm when the sun is strongest, and I wear a hat and long sleeves to physically protect my skin from the sun. I know this is going to sound terrible, but I only wear suncreen when I know that I'm going to be hiking in the sun for hours, or at the beach for a the whole day. I'll use a natural mineral powder with titanium or zinc. I love the feel of sun on my face, and I think the sun is good for us! 

BIKINI: So you avoid chemical suncreens. 

KP: Yes — I read a report from a major university from a long time ago that showed that women put about 5lbs of chemicals on their body every year. The term for these toxins is "body burden," and they're proven to show up in the umbilical cords of babies at birth. That was an 'aha' moment for me — it requires a bit more work and vigilance on my part to avoid the chemicals, because they're easy, but easy isn't always what's best. 

BIKINI: Are there any chemical sunscreens on the market that you would recommend?

KP: I love La Roche Posay. It's a really good, effective sunscreen. It has better ingredients than some of the other ones out there. I'm working on my own natural sunscreen, but it's going to take some time to get it right. But I stay away from cheap sunscreens. The challenge with natural sunscreens is the delivery system, so that you don't get that pasty white look from the zinc. 

BIKINI: Summer skincare: how should we approach it? 

KP: You have to get your skin prepared to take on the sun. Exfoliation is key for face and body, DIY body scrubs are messy but they're worth it. Then protecting and hydrating is so important. I'm an oil-based formulator, a huge believer in them. Natural oils like coconut and tamanu help to keep it nourished and some have inherent sun protection to help fight that bright sun. I also really love pure aloe to keep skin hydrated. You also need to drink water! 

BIKINI: If you've over-indulged in the sun, how do you recommend treating a sunburn or super sun-parched skin?

KP: Here's where aloe vera juice or gel comes in to take the heat out of the skin. Put some natural aloe vera juice in a spray bottle — it's a little watery — and keep it in the fridge and spritz away. Then you have to treat that crispiness that happens when you've gotten too much sun. You should go to bed every night buttered up with really hydrating oils like coconut oil or body butter or serum. Lotions don't work because they're mostly water, which doesn't penetrate the epidermis (the top layer of the skin). Better to drink water and put oils on the skin. Our lavender body butter called Soft is really soothing and healing, or our Skin Relief is anti-inflammatory to help soothe. We're launching a new spray next month, a certified organic after-care gel with aloe vera and blueberry extracts to really soothe and cool the skin. 

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