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Have you noticed that we are in the middle of a very "white witch" moment right now? It's not just because Halloween is around the bend. Essential oils, healing crystals, sage smudging, ritual baths, and energy-clearing workshops have become mainstream and, man, are we into all of it. Maybe it's because times feel especially crazy right now, or simply that all forms of wellness have reached a fever pitch, but we're finding that people we'd never suspect are routinely performing rites and rituals to help manifest their intentions and harboring tarot decks in their purses. Adding a Ritual Kit category to the shop was a no-brainer since having crystal candles and palo santo on hand at all times is now a Bikini necessity. 

While we're not sure exactly what constitutes a legit ritual, we do know that there is something really centering and sacred-feeling about setting aside some quiet time to focus on our bodies and minds and tune into our own energy. One simple ritual we've been embracing each month is a new moon ritual, inspired by one of the rituals in the super-illuminating (and very easy to follow) Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals To Tune Into The Real You. The beginning of the lunar cycle is supposed to be a time to set intentions and seek new opportunities both big and small, and we find that setting aside the time to check in on what we're really yearning for — or hoping to change — is a really healthy wellness practice, witchiness aside.

If you're thinking, "What the heck do I do during a moon ritual?" — we hear you. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like. At the very minimum, you need a quiet, dedicated, and well-ventilated space, a piece of paper, a pencil, some candles, and crystals if you have them, and some herbs that sync with your desires (Are you looking for love? Scatter some rose petals or buds. Seeking clarity? Try some sage). You'll also need a vessel to place the paper in once you've set it aflame, so a large shell or a metal bowl or flame-proof dish will come in handy.

Settle yourself down in a comfy seat, breathe deep, and light your candles. Focusing on the flames, think clearly and deeply about your intentions, and then put them down on paper in very clear, thorough terms. Are you looking to get a new, more inspiring job? Then you need to be crystal-clear in your language: "I want a job that fulfills my creative desires/challenges/my skillset/puts me closer to inspiring leadership." Looking for love? Then illustrate exactly what you desire in your potential soul mate. Once you've transcribed your intentions, read them aloud several times to really cement them into your consciousness, and then dip the paper into the flame of the burning candle (safely!), letting it burn up. Place it in the bowl or shell (or extinguish in a bowl of water) and sit quietly for a few moments, taking in your intentions and internalizing them. 

Once you've set the wheels in motion, being open to the universe is the next step! Most ritual believers agree that being open to possibilities and listening to the signals that your life shows you is half the battle in making big changes, so embracing the idea of inviting or asking for change will ensure you get what you want. And if that all sounds a bit too witchy for you, at least you'll be very clear on what type of changes you want in your life and more apt to see the opportunities when they present themselves.