What did we do before Instagram?

Picture the scene: You're at your stylist, ready for a cut or color. You pull out a magazine clipping of something that looks kinda/sorta like what you want, only you'd change this and tweak that, and maybe actually it's not at all what you had in mind. Flash forward to today, when you can zip out your iPhone and flip through a zillion images of inspiring tresses, courtesy of the artists who wield their magic wands (or combs) and create gorgeousness on a daily basis. Following hair stars on Insta is a pet hobby of ours, giving us umpteen ideas for our next big transformation along with a voyeuristic look into their often wacky, always exciting lives. From ombre rainbow braids on street style stars to sleek runway shots from the lastest shows in Paris, our favorite ones to follow all bring their own joie de vivre to their work. Here's a selection of our faves right now—we accept full responsibility if you're running to the salon after you finish reading through. 



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Fun fact: megacolorist Daniel Moon got his start as a barber in the Marines. Not exactly the direct path to glamour, but somehow he's moved from high and tight buzz cuts to masterminding creative color looks for Madonna. His brand of color glitter for hair, Major Moonshine, is loved by rock stars and color freaks alike.  



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 Hairstory star Wes Sharpton's cutting-edge cuts are an editorial favorite. Sleek, sheared crops and avant-garde shapes are a signature, as evidenced by the gorgeous meringue of perfectly coiffed hair above.  





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Drool-worthy runway looks, like the incredible locks from Rochas above, are what make Paul Hanlon a fashion week god. From mussed-up, bedhead perfection to luxuriously sleek Rapunzel-length looks, drama is what it's all about with this stellar stylist.  



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Snaps of stylist Anh Co Tran embracing gorgeous, willowy models (with amazing hair, natch) abound in his Instagram feed, along with inspiring cuts that reflect his "lived-in hair" trademark style. Fans include Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore.  



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Braidmaster Rubi Jones knows plaits so well she literally wrote the book on them. Her Art of Hair book is a bible for anyone looking to learn how to braid, twist, and bun like a pro. Her dreamy shots of intricate updos keep us scrolling through her Insta feed far longer than we should admit. 



Styling high-fashion mag covers is NBD for stylist Anthony Turner, whose purposely rumpled, organic looks are editorial gold. Think ScarJo on the cover of Interview, looking insanely come-hither, and more Dior campaigns than you could shake a stick at. Looking for glamour? You've found it.  



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John Ruggiero has perfected bombshell hair in a way that we can't help but obsess over: Each shot in his feed of models and megastars is perfectly tousled, gorgeously wavy. From red carpet glam to major magazine spreads, this guy nails it every time. 



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Achieving painterly perfection is super-colorist Aura's jam. Lady Gaga, Sky Ferriera, and every in-the-know beauty editor flock to her chair at Sally Hershberger in New York and L.A. for custom color that seriously wows.