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If you're coupled up, looking for love, or simply looking to feel connected, Eye Of Love pheromone-infused suncare and fragrance might be just the thing to make this V-Day especially memorable. What, exactly are pheromones, you might be wondering? They're chemicals produced and emitted by our bodies designed to elicit a response from other members of our "species" (yep, they're pretty scientific). We sense them through our noses, and they send messages to the part of our brains that regulates emotion and desire. Intriguing, no? Our curiosity was piqued enough for us to quiz Eye Of Love's marketing director Jacqui Rubinoff about adding them to our Valentine's Day beauty prep. 

BIKINI: Can you explain how pheromones actually work?

JACQUI RUBINOFF: Every person gives off pheromones naturally, which have a physiological effect on those around them. People who give off more pheromones than others tend to be more likable. When you breathe in pheromones, it goes through to the hypothalamus, triggering a response of arousal and attraction. If there's already an existing attraction, it will break down the walls and let you take the relationship further. If there is no attraction, it will create an enhanced friendly feeling or trusting environment; people will naturally feel more drawn to you. People who work in areas like customer service, real estate, and cosmetologists can notice higher tips, better quality interactions, and higher sales. So they don't just enhance romantic relationships, though that's the usage we hear about more often. 

BIKINI: Why add pheromones to sunscreen?

JR:  Everyone loves our pheromone perfumes and the effects they're seeing, so we wanted to take it to the next level. Several people in our family have been affected by skin cancer, so we thought, What can we do to get as many people as possible wearing sunscreen? We decided to create a natural formula that also had our fragrances and attracting pheromones.  

BIKINI: Do you have any Eye Of Love success stories you could share?

JR: We get testimonials all the time, and we love hearing about the effect of our products on people's lives. Here is one I really like: “I gave this a try on date night. I got on my little black dress, did my make-up, and added a few touches from the roll-on applicator of Love on the Run Seduce on each wrist and a little below my neckline. Next I grabbed the husband, and off we went. He noticed the wonderful aroma right away and complimented me on my smell. I told him it was a new perfume. That night things went a little different than normal. He kept looking into my eyes and seemed to be waiting on my every word. Maybe it was pheromones, or maybe it was the way it empowered me, but regardless it made for a magical evening."

BIKINI: For Valentine's Day, can you suggest an ideal way to incorporate Eye Of Love into your day?

JR: Before heading out for the day, lather yourself with our Pheromone Sunscreen, so you're ready for any outdoor rendezvous. It already contains perfume, pheromones, and SPF 30, so you're good to go. If you’re having a poolside or beach date, when you get home, put on your Pheromone After Sun lotion made with no water or preservatives, aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamins. Next, once you’re all dressed up and ready for date night, or a night out with your single ladies, spray 1-2 sprays of pheromone perfume below the neckline to spice up your night.

BIKINI: If you're in a steady relationship, can pheromones help keep things exciting?

JR: Yes, definitely!  So many of our clients are using it for exactly that reason. When you're in a relationship for many years, it takes work to keep the spark alive. Whether you're using our sunscreen, pheromone massage candles, or perfumes, it just gives you a little added edge and makes you more aware of each other.