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We're hot on the heels of summer, but cooler fall temps are finding their way into the days. You might be in a bikini all day but need a sweater once the sun's gone—transitional weather can be so tricky. One place it always jams us up is with our foundation, as our summer tan usually is no match for the skin perfector we use in December. While we do tend to go naked and foundation-free in summer since we love a good tan and adore letting it glow, there are still times when a bit of a polished face is a necessity. Since sun exposure is constant and your glow can gradually deepen or fade across the span of a week, we often find ourselves struggling to find makeup that matches our skin tone in September. While a makeup artist would tell you the answer is simply that you need a few shades of foundation on hand, we don't always want to spend a small fortune on products we'll rarely use.

There are a few hacks to make your skin look natural and flawless with what products you probably have on hand but may not use together: one easy trick to try is to simply blend a bit of liquid bronzer into your go-to foundation shade to instantly deepen the hue and try to match your tan—play with it until you reach the right saturation of warmth to match your tan. You can also blend a neutral-tone cream blush from your lineup along your cheekbones, around your hairline and across the bridge of the nose to warm up your foundation shade without swapping it out entirely, or simply warm up your shade with a liberal dusting of bronzer applied with a big, fluffy brush sure to cover maximum surface area.

But maybe you're entirely anti-foundation, and don't really want to spackle your face to make your skin look amazing. If you fall into this category—and we hear you— you'll adore the newest offering from natural beauty wunderkind Kosas. The brand just launched a hyper-emollient tinted face oil that takes literally 10 seconds to smooth out on your face. A mashup of face oil and foundation, it glides on so sheerly that it has the flexibility to bridge the gap between your summer and fall skin tone shades without needing much to boost it. "As a painter, you have to have a good canvas", says Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes, noting that a super smooth base is key for a glowy beauty look. Think of it as a serum, not makeup, and you'll be an instant convert. You glow, girl.